About us
Located in the central zone of Yinzhou, Ningbo City, Ningbo Shenguang Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. Enjoys beautiful environment and convenient transport conditions, 10-minute drive from the urban districts, south railway and bus station as well as the passenger transport center.

 Since the company founded in 10 years ago, the company boasts abundant technical force and rich production experiences. With advanced design, the products are provided with a control system with large-scale digital integrated circuit as its core, dependable factor. Convenient in operation and maintenance with even higher efficiency, the products are deeply trusted by users.

The constant power high-speed energy saving medium frequency power supply and line frequency electric furnaces, holding furnaces, heating furnaces, through, heating furnaces and vacuum furnaces produced by the company are suitable for melting stainless steel, precision casting steel, pig iron, copper, aluminum, silver solder, Nd-Fe-B and other metal materials. Heating and through heating apply to forging, rolling, bending and metal surface quenching. Application of these products in the casting and melting industry has resulted in favorable economic benefit. The product energy saving efficiency reaches 5%. The energy saving line frequency electric furnaces and holding furnaces are suitable for melting non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and bronze and horizontal continued cast rolling of copper bars and pipes, copper pouring.

The high-speed energy saving MF power incoming voltage ranges between 380V-1,250V, with 6-pulse, 12-pulse,12-pulse, 24-pulse, power between 30KW-10,000KW, and furnace capacity between 0.015T-20T. The energy saving line frequency electric furnaces and holding furnaces are provided with power of 45KW-600KW, furnace capacity of 150kg-3,000kg, and two-phase and three-phase high-low Voltage balancing device. The company also produces special equipment for high-low voltage harmonic filtration devices. The company product covers through the country as well as exported to Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, India, Ethiopia and other countries. Quality First, Users Uppermost, Credibility, Good Faith. We warmly welcome clients for negotiation and order of our products.

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