Diathermy, Heat, Insulation Equipment

    Induction heat, heating equipment can be heated black; non-ferrous metals, round; square; tube; shape materials for forging or hot extrusion forming ingredients to provide high-temperature heat treatment or quenching. I produced through heat, quenching induction heating equipment has the following characteristics: 1. The use of sensors designed to develop a "sensor designed to optimize CAD" software, sensors on dozens of parameters to optimize the design, in the light of foreign sensor design, we design and manufacture of sensors, high-efficiency heating, the length of the furnace, wear and tear Small. The design of the introduction of the "heating process design" concept, focusing on meeting the temperature uniformity. By comparison, the company than the products of domestic manufacturers of equipment, general equipment to improve the efficiency of heating nearly 6 percent, means that a large number of users will save energy costs. 2. Quenching transformer used to do 2KB ferrite core, power from 100KVA-2000KVA, from the frequency of 1000HZ-60000HZ, with a high-frequency adaptation, core removed from the water, with a turn-conditioning than the flexible, compact and reasonable use of two-turn And around, the leakage of small and easy to use. 3. In order to adapt to changes in the market, users often replace the variety of products, we have used sensors for fast-style structure to replace the sensor only 5 minutes. This structure makes the overall size, electrical performance, easy to maintain, in particular by the user's welcome. 4. Induction heating is easy to do local heating, such as the long-side bar in the first rough Tun, just to local heating. I designed the door of the local heating furnace:-porous; flat-oval;-seam and so on a variety of ways, according to the different norms and heating parts of the campaign features a different design. Special single heating can be customized to meet the special needs of the user. 5. The larger the diameter of the heating work, in order to improve the lining life in the inner lining has been installed with water-cooled guide rolling, rolling on the surface of the water spraying lead a tungsten carbide coating, can significantly increase the service life of rolling water guide. 6. Standard for fast-furnace heat through the form. 7. Depending on the hot pressing process takes a different way of induction heating.