Quenching Equipment (Quenching Power Resource)

Quenching Equipment (include quenching power supply, quenching transformer, quenching complete equipment)
It mainly used in auto shaft (straight shaft, axle, adjustable shaft, camshaft, crankshaft, gear shaft, etc.), gears, bearings, rail road, circle type of disc, valve, connecting rod motorcycle, fork, crank shaft, crank shaft handle, brake cam, single-tooth chain wheel, machine tool guide, flat, ball head and for the surface heating treatment of other machinery parts; motor rotary block, valves, electrical contact, tools, welding segment, spare parts and bar local heating.
1, contains light and heavy-duty frequent reliable start-up;
2, adjustable power and frequency;
3, two coordinates, 3D CNC control;
4, the hardening process can be keyboard data entry, automated controlling quenching process;
Configurations: the standard configuration for IF power frequency, IF transformers, heat sensors and quenching machine. Cooling water and liquid spray systems may also be equipped with user-set of supply.