China's industrial furnace market situation and development

China's industrial furnace market is a huge market. On this topic, it must first understand the market, the demand for it and its development trend. Most of the electric industry for industrial machinery, heat treatment services industry.
   1, the needs of the market forecast:
       70% of the machinery parts of the need for heat treatment, automotive, industrial tractors 70% to 80% of the need for heat treatment processing parts, tools, cutting tools and bearings products are 100% need for heat treatment, even if some of the civilian life of the light metal products The vast majority rely on heat treatment also improved. The fastener industry, bearing industry, the industry chain, industry tools, automobiles, tractors, motorcycles, parts and components industry are relying on the quality of heat treatment to a competitive market. With the industry in 10 years is forecast to have 40 to 500,000 t add thermal processing, coupled with a large domestic electric equipment obsolete, backward, will be eliminated by the new trend, so the demand for electric industry is still very large The.
   2, electric furnace developmental tendencies:
       The future of industrial furnace technology with distinct characteristics of the times, with four major characteristics: intelligent, high-quality, low-cost, environmentally friendly.
   Intelligent 2.1
       The latest development in the use of heat treatment procedures and databases, computer simulation technology and control technology, using highly flexible, intelligent control and integrated management system in the electric industry and its production line. Equipment operator in the future will only be dealt with the number of parts, the importation of computer design, equipment package will be dealt with on its own high-quality products.
       At present, the whole system has achieved real-time multi-project operations control. If the charge control, speed, temperature, carbon potential, and so on, can be more than one group control system, full-screen monitor and control the dynamic feed in groups. Be able to fully control technology, can store a number of technology. Be able to complete recording equipment in the operation detected in the process parameters (spare parts, materials, temperature, atmosphere, etc.) to send the computer to process and store records. May at any time for viewing and printing. The 10-year record can be stored.
   High-quality 2.2
  The quality of dispersion rate to zero, zero heat distortion. Quality control measures:
       Temperature control equipment: the stability of temperature ≤ ± 1 ℃, temperature uniformity ≤ 5 ℃, cold temperature uniformity ≤ 5 ℃. Temperature-controlled switches will be eliminated.
       Controlled atmosphere furnace: furnace atmosphere uniformity ≤ ± 0.05% C. Oxygen probe, with the exception of air pump carbon, carbon potential control device, gas furnace regulator reliable electric furnace with the commonly used.
       Quenching control slot: the hardness of workpiece to ensure uniformity and to reduce the deformation of parts from the area in the past simply to reduce the cooling rate is committed to improve the uniformity of cooling, hardening tank can add speed blender strong emphasis flow quench tank, stressed hardening tank Temperature uniformity. Temperature control quenching tank. Computer cooling medium performance detector has been accepted by many users.
       Heat distortion control: Preheat oven quench zone extended to eliminate stress. Closed with all-quenching grading controlled tank insulation. Quenching medium temperature uniformity ≤ 5 ℃. To reduce the amount of residual austenite parts, control of thermal processing after the micro-deformation.
   2.3 low-cost:
       With China's accession to the WTO, Chinese enterprises will be of great exposure to international competition in the market environment, the market will have a more pressing need for cheap and heat treatment equipment. The cost of heat treatment equipment will be low-cost equipment, heat treatment, rather than lower the price of heat treatment equipment. Heat-treatment equipment, the cost of five parts: acquisition of equipment, equipment operation, maintenance of equipment, equipment downtime costs, failure to deal with heat treatment costs.
       To this end, equipment manufacturers will not strive to provide low-cost heat treatment equipment, but strive to provide low-cost heat treatment equipment.
   2.4 environmentally friendly:
       World Summit on Environment and Development adopted the "Agenda 21" to promote the development of clean production, in our country, "the decision to speed up scientific progress," an official in the clean production as a key to promote the common development of the technology. To further promote and develop clean technology and clean heat treatment, clean-up techniques. "Five-Year Plan" period all kinds of waste water, waste gas and waste residue discharge must meet relevant national standards, 10 years in an effort to make the production of heat-treatment of environmental pollution near zero.
       Now more mature, such as cleaning heat treatment: controlled atmosphere heat treatment, vacuum heat treatment, induction heat treatment, plasma treatment, laser treatment and less pollution-free cooling technology and clean technology.
   3, the purchase of equipment levels:
       The equipment reliability, price, the purchase of the advanced nature has always been a business to buy equipment for the three principles. However, the principle of order and the purchase of business groups with a combination of market and the deepening of the process of change.
       Large-scale enterprises, military industrial enterprises, aviation and space enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, large-scale private enterprise to purchase equipment to sort the principles of: advanced, reliability, price; imports of foreign-funded enterprises or their products of choice.
   A certain number of private enterprises, the restructuring of private small and medium-sized foreign-funded enterprises to purchase equipment to sort principles: reliability, price, the advanced nature; foreign-funded enterprises or domestic product of choice for its quality products.
       Accumulation of capital in the private sector to buy equipment for the principles of the sort: price, reliability, advanced, low-cost products for their first choice.
   4, dynamic competition in the market:
       Industrial electric domestic enterprises accounted for 80% of the foreign (joint venture co-owned) enterprises accounted for 20%. With the accession to the WTO, foreign industrial electric equipment companies also have to enter the Chinese market, to set up factories in China, market competition will become more intense.
       Domestic electric plant to the establishment of modern enterprise management system, actively promote the international quality management standards. Electric equipment market will force enterprises to further reduce costs, competition, electric equipment, so that profits tend to be more reasonable. Let us find in a highly competitive market positioning, technology leader in the development, manufacture reliable products, reduce production costs and strengthen after-sales service, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up, strengthen the market economy, will force a large number of parts factories go high-volume production On the road, thus the demand for electric industry to grow further. This factory equipment will bring new opportunities.
       Foreign manufacturing machinery and industrial electric equipment manufacturers in China through Chinese and foreign technical exchanges so that the heat treatment of China's equipment manufacturing industry, the technology is improved. At the same time, the market regulator has also forced China's relentless industrial electric equipment manufacturing industry, and strive to improve the overall level of production equipment. With the overall level of manufacturing, industrial electric equipment to participate in international competition in the market is no longer a dream.