Electrical Equipment (include IF power supply and main frequency power supply)
Advanced design: digital smart computer control system, IF SCR power start-up mode, is another masterpiece after the zero starting pressure IF SCR power start-up. Taking advanced IF power sensor heating technology, intelligent control system designed for the unique impedance-conditioning, heating in the process of continuous detection sensors (furnace) work, constantly adjusting the internal frequency power supply parameters to make it in the heat in the process of licensing has been the best work of the state and therefore highly efficient power-saving, time-saving and stable operation, reliable performance and long use life of components.
Reliable protection: in addition to the conventional over-current, over-voltage, closure, the cut-off pressure, lack of phase, water delay, failure of the inverter protection, the unique design of the anti-misoperation, which received the praises and trusts from customers.
Simple maintenance: take intelligent computer control system integrated single board structure, simple and reliable; modular design, working state display, it's easier to maintain and repair extremely simple